Methods Of Selling

Selling by Private Treaty:
Selling your property by Private Treaty simply means marketing your property the 'traditional' way. As such, you are attracting the right buyers with the right budget to view your property.
It is an invitation to prospective buyers to make an offer. Whether or not you accept the offer is entirely your decision. We will ensure that all offers are negotiated to their maximum to attain the best price. As the vendor, you will find that this is a more flexible method of selling as opposed to deadline marketing (Auction). You can negotiate price, inclusions, length of settlement and the conditions of the sale.

Selling by Auction:
An auction is when prospective buyers gather to bid on your property. The highest bidder at the end of the auction becomes the successful buyer, provided the bid matches, or exceeds your reserve price.
An auction involves a three-pronged marketing push, as the vendor can sell their property before auction, on the day of auction, or in the event the property is passed in, directly after auction.
Pros of Auction Campaign are:

  • Creates a sense of urgency; buyers have a definite time frame in which they must act
  • Encourages competitive bidding, which means there is no price barrier
  • There is no cooling-off period for the buyers

Marketing plays a very important role in maximising and obtaining the optimum price. We believe we have the best marketing package in Mandurah and are not the most expensive.
We cannot stress enough that to achieve the best price, there are no shortcuts. The following are methods of marketing and advertising that we believe maximise the exposure of your property and at the end of the day get you a better price.

  • Professional Photos
  • Professional Video
  • Drone images
  • Premiere
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Instagram Campaign
  • Floor Plan
  • 4 Page Colour A4 Brochure
  • 4x6 Photo Coloured Signboard
  • A4 Window Card