Week ending the 13th of November. Another week of good consistent activity from both the sales and rental markets. As a landlord you can still take advantage of the huge demand of renters. My advice is to not to renew your tenancy if it comes or is coming to an end. Start a fresh, take advantage of the demand while you can. 


As a seller, I am seeing more and more and more the fact that simple emotion is the reason for a house to sell or not to sell. I know its so much easier said than done, but if you can, take a step back and truly work out why the property hasn't sold. It's not because of the reasons you think it is, TRUST me! The market is active yes, but it's not stupid. Buyers still spend with their wallets and are still very afraid of overpaying. If you don't have to sell, don't sell! If at any point in the past 30 days you have said to yourself if it sells it sells if it doesn't it doesn't, then take it off the market and enjoy it. Stale bread doesn't sell for a premium price and neither does a stale property. Do your property (and your bank balance) a favour and take it off unless the genuine desire is there to sell.