What makes a good, or great or even the best agent for you to either manage or sell your property...? This is very subjective and will differ from person to person. What you cannot argue when it comes to answering this question is that a lot revolves around results. Any agent (with respect) can list a property to sell, and in the same breath any agent can sell a property. This can be achieved by pure luck. What is not luck is a track record of time after time achieving results. You cannot fluke a history of a proven track record.

So many agents throw around number 1, the fact of the matter is, you can be the number 1 in anything if you pitch it in the right way. As I write this, I am the number 1 agent in the world for writing this blog, in shorts, drinking a diet coke at 8:46 in the morning!

The best agents are agents that do not stop. Do not have a clock off time. Always working and above all, always contactable. This is super important. Contact-ability is vital for success. Whether you are a buyer or seller. If you cannot get hold of your agent when you want them, it is all downhill from there.

So, to answer this massively complex question as simply as possible. The best agent is an agent that when you peel back the fancy cars, suits and watches is consistent with their results, will always answer their phone and never stop.

To test these qualities is very simple. Narrow down three of the most suitable agents in your area, and test drive them. Pretend to be a buyer and call them at all sorts of times of day. If they pick up consistently then trust me, you are onto a winner...! Google them or simply ask for a track record of previous results. If these two boxes have been ticked, then in my opinion you will be ok.